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Meet Bo Copley

A West Virginian Not a politician

After working in the mining industry for 11 years, Bo was abruptly laid off in September of 2015. In May 2016, Bo was seated at a round table discussion with Hillary Clinton and Senator Joe Manchin where he confronted Hillary Clinton on her words of ``putting coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

A West Virginian


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On the Issues

1. Pro-life

As a devout Christian, and father of three beautiful children I cannot one day meet my maker and say that I support abortion in any form. I oppose abortion in all shapes, forms, and sizes, and believe that life begins at conception. I will fight each and every day to protect the unborn.

2. Second Amendment 

America’s Founders did not mince words when they drafted the language of The Bill of Rights, and it is clear that every American citizen has the unfettered right to purchase and own firearms. Firearms protect us and our families from harm, and serve as a deterrent to those who wish to do us harm. I support the Second Amendment and will fight tooth and nail to protect West Virginians’ right to own firearms.

3. Energy

The energy industry is vital to West Virginia’s economy. Unfortunately, it faces pressure from changing demand, technology, and overregulation by an unelected Federal bureaucracy. I pledge to work tirelessly to defend West Virginia’s interests from Washington bureaucrats, and to promote coal, oil, and gas as the common sense solutions to America’s energy needs.

4. Immigration 

Every year, thousands of individuals enter our country illegally. Furthermore, immigration laws have gone unenforced or are in need of reform. Illegal immigration costs American workers jobs, and is unfair to immigrants who have entered the United States legally.

5. Health Care 

Obamacare has failed West Virginia families, and the system needs to be fixed. Under the “Affordable” Care Act, West Virginians face wallet-breaking premiums for themselves and their family. There is no competition in the marketplace and it is only a matter of time before some markets have no providers, leaving thousands without affordable insurance. I will fight for affordable health care for all West Virginia families and work to re-introduce competition in the marketplace.

6. Welfare

Welfare serves as an important safety net when individuals and families are hit with hard times. However, nearly $400 billion of taxpayer money is spent on these safety net programs. The cost to the safety net is increased as a result of fraud, and those who have become dependent on welfare. These increased costs challenge the vitality of the safety net.

7. Tax Reform

Like America’s current healthcare system, the current tax code is broken, antiquated, and in need of serious attention. Tax reform will bring growth for everyone from the employee to the employer. Further, tax reform will provide the spark necessary to grow the national economy.

8. National Security 

America faces a continuing threat of terrorism, and the United States needs to maintain a strong national defense. Domestically, we need to provide law enforcement and intelligence agencies with the tools necessary to protect our nation. I promise to give the brave men and women who defend all that we hold dear every resource necessary to protect themselves and the citizens they protect.

9. Education 

America’s greatest resource is its children, and it is our duty to provide them with a strong educational foundation. Americans, along with the Federal government, continue to increase spending on public K-12 education. However, increased education spending alone has not necessarily resulted in an increase in educational performance. It is time Washington bureaucrats put politics aside and put our children first.

10. Free Trade 

Although free trade has provided benefits, the costs related to globalization have harmed the working and middle class through lost jobs and lower wages. Free trade has led to trade deals unfair to the people of West Virginia such as the TPP. As Senator, I promise to cast every vote in favor of West Virginia and America’s best interests, not foreign countries or corporations.

11. Foreign Aid

Although foreign aid may serve strategic purposes, it is questionable whether foreign aid effectively meets those America’s needs. In 2015, the federal government spent $49 Billion on foreign aid. These foreign aid dollars could be better used on projects at home.

12. Infrastructure

I support President Trump’s efforts to rebuild America’s roads, bridges, and railways. The truth of the matter is that like most of America, West Virginia is behind the times, and in need of serious repair.

13. Economy

The key to a strong economy is a citizenry that is employed. In order for West Virginians and Americans across the U.S. to find good paying jobs that can support families, we must make it easier for businesses to operate. High tax rates are devastating to businesses and individuals, and America needs to cut its frivolous spending as well as its tax rates.

14. Environment

West Virginia is the most beautiful state in the Country, and its mountains, rivers, and streams prove this to natives and visitors alike on a continual basis. I will fight to protect West Virginia’s natural beauty and resources.

15. Courts 

One of the cornerstones of a functioning democracy is an independent judiciary. I support the principle that courts should be free from any and all political influence, and that judges should make decisions based on precedent rather than personal conviction.

16. Limited Government

America thrives when government stays out of the way. I support a limited federal government focused on improving the lives of America’s citizens as opposed to one that only taxes and spends. I also believe in strict oversight of all federal funds.

17. Voter Identification 

In order to uphold the integrity of America’s elections, I believe that all Americans should obtain an I.D., and then present that same I.D. at his or her polling location in order to qualify to vote.

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June 22, 2017

Meet Bo Copley

After working in the mining industry for 11 years, Bo was abruptly laid off in September of

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